Head Deacon, Raymond Jackson

Deacons are the backbone of the church's physical and emotional support. Deacons responsibilities include:
  1. Minor repairs to the church facility 
  2. Coordination of all maintenance and cleaning duties 
  3. Assist with transportation needs 
  4. Assist with the collection of offerings 
  5. Serve on the church board (as designated) 
  6. Visitation of shut-in 
  7. Assist with Communion Service and Ordinance of Humility 
  8. Assist with special meals for the bereaved 
  9. Assist with request from the poor and homeless 
10. Prepare the baptismal pool for baptism  
The Role of a Deacon
The word deacon means servant. We use the term "diakonate" for deacons as a body, and the term "diakonia" to describe the work that deacons do (service, support, ministry). The Apostle Paul gave Timothy instructions concerning deacons. He said the deacons must be worthy of respect, not double-tongued but sincere. In essence, 1 Tim. 3:8-13, is all about character, so deacons are expected to serve the church by the example of their character, as well as by their deeds.